Scalp Care

Hairloss requires you to think about your scalp and the care and protection it may require.

Your head may become sensitive, dry or itchy.  

Proper care can help alleviate these issues. Gentle cleansers and moisturizers can make a big difference.  

Remember, your scalp has not been exposed to the elements and is very vulnerable. 

Sunsceen is VERY important. 

If you're wearing a wig with a Lace or Monofilament top, your scalp WILL burn without a hat or sunscreen.  

Hold your wig up to the light and look inside, if you see any light coming through it, you you WILL BURN, so be safe and wear a hat or use sunscreen, or both.

Without hair, think of your scalp as "More Face", and protect it and treat it gently. 

Hope this helps, John