A Funny Story!

I'd like to share a funny story about 2 Aunts and a Wig. A True story.
Aunt Mary, my Father's sister and Aunt Hattie, my Mother's sister were in Boston for a day of shopping. To give you a visual, my Best Friend Linzie always said Aunt Hattie looked just like Milton Berle in drag. I always thought Aunt Mary resembled an older William Holden. Aunt Hattie always wore a wig, which kind of makes the Milton Berle thing make sense.
Anyway, they were in Boston shopping in all the best stores. I mean really, Milton Berle and William Holden wouldn't shop just anywhere! Did I mention that Aunt Hattie always wore a ton of make-up?
So the two of them were walking around after what I would guess to be a mainly liquid lunch, when a obviously "Star Struck" Seagull swoops down and takes off with Milton's, I mean Hattie's wig.
So there's Aunt Mary in shock and Aunt Hattie, bald and with big make-up.
Now you would think Stars of their caliber would be furious, outraged, embarrassed or at least a little pissed off, but no, they doubled over, laughing hysterically and peeing their famous selves!
I just goes to show that even Aunts that look like Big Celebrities still have enough of a sense of humor to pee themselves on Newbury Street like the rest of us!