Natural Looking Wig

A lot of people say, " I can always tell if someone is wearing a wig," in reality you only can tell if they are wearing a BAD one. Wigs have come a long way over the past few years, with monofilament tops and lace front construction they can be virtually undetectable. With these newer features and proper selection and customizing they look like they are your own hair. With a lace front wig you can wear a style off your face, the hairline looks like it is growing right out of your scalp, no need for bangs to cover the edge of the wig, which leaves you with styling options not possible just a few years ago. With a monofilament top the scalp shows through, so you can part your hair and have it look amazingly real! Both Human Hair and Synthetic wigs are made with these awesome features and create a remarkably realistic look. Check out my Wig Gallery for some examples . The photos are real and not retouched! Hopefully you will agree how realistic they look and with a proper fit and suitable style you can continue to look beautiful and natural even during your hair loss. Many of my clients tell me about friends, family and even their Nurse's comments like, "I thought you were going to lose your hair" only to be amazed when they tell them that it's a wig!
Again I hope this information is helpful.