Chemotherapy & Odors

Chemotherapy can heighten and alter your sense of smell. 

Fragrances you once liked may become very unpleasant. This issue isn't a problem for everyone, but be aware of the possibility.  

Using unscented products can help. Laundry detergent, fabric softener as well as moisturizers and cleansers can be heavily scented.

A heavily scented shampoo may leave an odor. This is especially true on wigs that have a fabric lining such as a hand tied piece or a monofilament base. Sometimes you may not notice anything after 1 or 2 washings, but the odor can build-up after several cleanings and become quite unpleasant with your heightened sense of smell. 

Most of the women who have brought this to my attention were using products with synthetic fragrances, which are made of chemicals and can be nauseating. Some natural fragrences can also be quite strong and very annoying.

Using gentle, unscented products should help avoid unpleasant odors. Nausea can be a problem during chemotherapy treatment anyway, so it's best not to add anything that could trigger it or make it worse.

Hope this helps, John

Scalp Care

Hairloss requires you to think about your scalp and the care and protection it may require.

Your head may become sensitive, dry or itchy.  

Proper care can help alleviate these issues. Gentle cleansers and moisturizers can make a big difference.  

Remember, your scalp has not been exposed to the elements and is very vulnerable. 

Sunsceen is VERY important. 

If you're wearing a wig with a Lace or Monofilament top, your scalp WILL burn without a hat or sunscreen.  

Hold your wig up to the light and look inside, if you see any light coming through it, you you WILL BURN, so be safe and wear a hat or use sunscreen, or both.

Without hair, think of your scalp as "More Face", and protect it and treat it gently. 

Hope this helps, John

Custom Made Wigs

  If the shape or size of your head makes it difficult to find a proper fitting wig, you may want to consider having one custom made. This involves having persice measurements taken of your head, then a wig maker will construct the wig cap that will be a perfect fit!

This can be done for all types of wigs, both synthetic and human hair. Surprisingly this service is quite reasonable, especially if you are investing in a high quality wig.  

You also can have a pre-made wig professionally sized.

If you've had a hard time finding a good fit, going custom could be a great option for you.



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A wig that will last

If you are someone who will be wearing a wig for the long term, a quality Human Hair Wig will last for years as opposed to synthetics which require at least two a year, so a $300 synthetic at two per year adds up to $3,000 in five years, that would buy you a top of the line European Human Hair wig that should last even longer!

Human Hair/ Synthetic Blends

There is such a thing as a "Human Hair/ Synthetic Blend".

This type of wig boasts to have the easy care of a Synthetic and the style-ability and natural Look and Feel of human hair.Temperature  Tools can be used. Hot Rollers work great.

Different companies use different types of fibers, some are more heat friendly than others. Ask your manufacturers about heat styling.

Use caution with an iron or a hot blow dryer. Must keep irons and such on a low heat, make sure you find out how much heat to use when Styling.

i' m just starting to explore the world of "Blends" myself. I'll let you know what I experience and how they look and feel, also ease of care, how easy are they to style. I'd better get started! John


Awesome Human Hair!!

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Wig Cleaning

Remember to always use COLD water when washing your wig and use a SULFATE FREE shampoo. Comb out tangles before you wash and don't brush it when it's wet. Also a spray-on leave-in conditioner works very well on wigs. 

Hope this is helpful, John